Your Bourse Partners with Match-Prime

Your Bourse partners with Match-prime

As stated in a press release shared with Finance Magnates, the deal appears in the wake of Your Bourse’s development of its liquidity offering for MetaTrader brokers.

The firm will team up with Match-Prime. Therefore, it will have a wide variety of opportunities. The company will extend its goal of giving brokers reach to pure ECB liquidity for all CFD assets from top-tier banks and prime brokers.

Andrey Vedikhin, Founder and CEO and CTO at Your Bourse are delighted to associate with Match-Prime. This union will enhance their liquidity present to clients of their Platform-as-a-Service and bringing them a new series of liquidity.

As a member of the partnership, ​​Your Bourse Platform-as-a-Service and Match-Prime’s liquidity will be a member of the offer before the brokers ask to join the service.

They strive to guarantee easy access to their liquidity for all brokers. Therefore, they want to be close to the most popular platforms and distribution systems. Your Bourse is getting more and more demand on the market.

Andreas Kapsos is happy that Match-Prime displays a member of the Your Bourse platform. Moreover, he looks forward to offering their liquidity to Your Bourse’s clients as their LP of choice.


Recent Your Bourse Announcements


In April, Your Bourse proclaimed another business with FastMT. Now, it will be able to deliver an MT4 Datacenter / MT5 Access as a Service product. The company intends to provide ultra-low latency and optimal connectivity solutions to MetaTrader brokers within the established collaboration.

Also, as first reported early this year, the technology provider combined several advanced features on its portal that MT4 and MT5 brokers can use.

The new collection of features enables its clients to customize the offerings, which combines more profits with their businesses. Additionally, it highlighted that more reliable control over the services provides better visualization of FX, CFD, crypto liquidity management. Moreover, it will also clarify P/L monitoring, risk management, and regulatory reporting.

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