Xiaomi 200W Hyoercharge Tech Charges The Phone In 8 Minutes

Xiaomi 200W Hyoercharge

The company has demoed a 200W fast wired charging explication and a 120W wireless charging technology for smartphones.

Xiaomi demoed its 200W HyperCharge technology on a revised Mi 11 Pro with a 4,000mAh battery. The phone charged from 0-100 percent in fewer than 8 minutes, while a 50 percent charge needed just 3 minutes.

As for the 120W wireless charging technology, has charged the revised Mi 11 Pro 10 percent in only one minute, while a 50 percent charge needed 7 minutes. For a complete charge, the phone caught just 15 minutes.

Xiaomi declares its latest HyperCharge technology has established a new world record for charging speeds, both wired and wirelessly.

Xiaomi’s statement does miss out on some essential details, however.

Charging a battery so fast is forced to reduce its lifespan, which Xiaomi has not mentioned in its announcement. This is also why we have not noticed 100W wired charging solutions go mainstream, notwithstanding Chinese smartphone OEMs demoing them for quite over a year now.

Such quick charging solutions are usually proprietary.


This implies you will need to use a specific charger and USB-C cable to achieve such fast charging speeds.

The company also does not specify if its newest HyperCharge technology will make its way to consumer devices anytime soon or not.

Given that Xiaomi’s past 100W fast-charging solution never exactly went mainstream, it is secure to state that its 200W HyperCharge technology will continue to remain just a tech demo for the foreseeable future.

This is not the primary time Xiaomi has demoed such a fast wired or wireless charging technology.

A few years ago, Xiaomi published a 100W fast charging tech that could charge a 4,000mAh battery in just 17 minutes. Then last year, the company issued an 80W wireless charging technology. It wirelessly charged a revised Mi 10 Ultra with a 4,000mAh battery in only 19 minutes.

To its credit, Xiaomi did start the Mi 10 Ultra in China last year with a fixed wired charging speed of 120W. Tests, nevertheless, revealed that the phone never charged at total 120W rates. However, it still needed just 21 minutes to charge its 4,000mAh battery fully.

OPPO and Realme have also displayed fast charging wired and wireless charging solutions, with up to 120W charging speeds. Nevertheless, none of the companies have debuted the technology in a customer product yet.

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