Tesla Superchargers Getting Opened for Other Cars

Tesla plans

Replying to a Tesla fan on Twitter, where Musk holds a following of 58.3 million, the CEO specifically addressed that they’re making their

Supercharger system permitted to other electric vehicles later this year.

Musk did not state where in the world Tesla would make its D.C. fast-charging stations ready for use with other electric vehicles. He didn’t state which makes and models would be compatible with Tesla’s on-the-road chargers in 2021.

He did state that Tesla plans to make Superchargers public to other electric vehicles in all countries, eventually.

Beforehand, Tesla marketed its vehicles as holding a considerable advantage because of the company’s sole charging stations on the road.

The Tesla charging network is ready for drivers of Tesla cars without any membership payments needed. Tesla charges drivers for charging by the minute or per kilowatt-hour for “supercharging,” depending on local laws.

Teslas can power up at almost every electric vehicle charging station applying adaptor cables. However, Tesla owners hold the company’s level 3 and newer Supercharger stations to themselves for now.

The connectors they practice to plug in, and power upon the road at more modern Superchargers make Tesla’s stations incompatible with others’ E.V.s. Moreover, they keep lines shorter and chargers more open for Tesla drivers.


Musk’s Twitter Comments


Musk’s commitment on Tuesday gives more features than an earlier comment he made to YouTuber MKBHD, Marques Brownlee, in December 2020. At that time, Musk stated other automakers were “low-key,” asking access to Tesla Superchargers. He added that the equipment was previously being made accessible to other electric cars.

Earlier articles by Reuters and others declared Tesla has been in negotiations. It wants to secure fast-charging stations open to electric vehicles from other companies in Germany, Sweden, and Norway.

Competitors in the U.S. have long concentrated on charging stations that assist battery electric vehicles from many automakers.

These comprise Electrify America, Volta, eVgo, Sema AeroVironment, ChargePoint, and many others. In China and some parts of Europe, the rollout of the charging base has been even more active than it has been in the U.S.

As stated on Tesla’s website, the company now manages more than 25,000 charging stations worldwide.

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