Tesla Publishes $199-A-Month Full Self-Driving Plan

Self-Driving Plan

Electrek first announced the new subscription plan Friday. As stated on Tesla’s support page, there are two possibilities, depending on the vehicle’s current Autopilot capability. The first is Basic Autopilot to FSD for $199 per month. The second is Enhanced Autopilot to FSD for $99 per month. Buyers can withdraw subscriptions at any moment.

Tesla TSLA, -0.98% remarks that FSD is not identical to fully driverless technology. The currently approved features need active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle independent.

However, the subscription program demands variant 3.0 of the FSD hardware, and upgrading to this will require $1,500. That hardware — including a modern, more powerful chip — has been standard in Teslas after mid-2019.

Nevertheless, Electrek announced Saturday that Tesla owners who purchased their vehicles within late 2016 and mid-2019 were told at the time they had FSD hardware built-in and would not require an additional hardware update.

Several Tesla owners on Twitter and Reddit expressed annoyance or outright rage over that possibility, with some stating Tesla should pay for the upgrade cost. In opposition, others asked for a class-action lawsuit.

Tesla’s support page states that the FSD subscription does not cover the hardware upgrades.

Last year, Tesla stopped its media relations team and did not immediately reply to a request for particulars regarding the FSD 3.0 upgrade cost.

Tesla shares fell 2% last week and are down almost 9% year to date. They’re still up 115% over the preceding 12 months, however.

Tesla owners can now subscribe to hold the company’s “Full Self-Driving” software in their cars, sooner than paying upfront for it, as first published by Electrek.


Full self-driving mode is not autonomous


Tesla declared the new pay system Saturday, giving customers an option to paying $10,000 to have Full Self-Driving involved in their car’s capabilities.

Tesla’s website says the subscription is not a long-term commitment, and customers can withdraw their subscription at any time.

As Tesla alerts on its subscription page, its Full Self-Driving mode does not make a vehicle fully independent. The currently established characteristics need a fully observant driver, who has their hands on the wheel and is ready to take over at any moment, the company stated.

The company induced a particularly serious examination in April after two people died in a fiery Tesla crash. The police stated no one was behind the wheel. Elon Musk revealed that the passengers were using the Autopilot features at the time of the crash.

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