Spotify Launches Only Your Audio Birth Chart

Audio Birth Chart

Rather than highlighting what you listen to there, Only You is to dive into how you listen with Spotify. It has gimmicks like an astrological audio “birth chart”. This is a call-out to a unique pair of artists you listened to back-to-back, tailored playlists, and additional features.

Piggybacking on the Only You rollout, Spotify is also starting a new personalized playlist feature named Blend. It will produce a mix melding your musical tastes with a friend who also practices Spotify.

As culture has moved to stream as the most common way people listen to music, personalization has been essential for services. The model of “all-you-can-eat” music opens up listeners to an extensive library of tens of millions of songs.

However, it also sets up the problem of thinking out the sliver of that catalog you want to hear. Particularly, it chooses songs you’ve never heard before but will likely enjoy. That problem gives a leg up to services that excel in personalization.

Like its successful Discover Weekly playlists and Wrapped experiences, Spotify’s personalization has served it become the most extensive streaming-music service by listeners global.

In the spotlight Wednesday, Only You and Blend are Spotify’s most advanced personalized curations.

Spotify Described only You as Featuring Things Like:


  • Your Audio Birth Chart, a kind of astrologer for your musical tastes that shows you a Sun artist you’ve listened to most over the last six months, a Moon artist that best matches your “emotional or vulnerable side,” and a Rising artist that you’ve recently found.
  • Your Dream Dinner Party is a tool to make a personalized playlist from choosing three artists you’d most want to ask a dinner party.
  • Your Artist Pairs, which calls out a unique audio pairing that you’ve listened to recently.
  • Your Song Year will recap how “you’ve musically traveled through different periods.”
  • Your Time of Day highlights the music and podcasts you accept early in the morning or late at night.
  • Your Genres/Topics explain the music and podcast genres that established you apart.
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