Qualcomm Tries to Compete with Apple’s New Chips

Qualcomm Tries to Compete with Apple’s New Chips

To compete with Apple’s new M-series chips for the Mac, Qualcomm held its 2021 investor day event, focusing on unveiling its “next-generation” technology. This includes new CPU hardware designed by Nuvia, the chip startup founded by three former Apple A-series engineers that Qualcomm acquired earlier this year.

Nuvia CEO Gerard Williams is holding the position of Qualcomm’s senior vice president of engineering. Williams was sued by Apple shortly after he left the company in March of 2019. The lawsuit from Apple alleges that Williams exploited Apple technology. Additionally, the tech company alleges that he poached other Apple employees to join him at Nuvia.

Williams then filed his lawsuit, saying that Apple illegally monitored his text messages. He said that his so-called “breach of contract” is unenforceable. So far, there has been no resolution in this lawsuit yet. Despite this ongoing battle between Williams and Apple, Qualcomm is moving on by integrating the Nuvia team and technology.

Qualcomm’s Next-generation CPUs

According to reports, Qualcomm said the Nuvia team redesigned its next-generation CPUs for PCs. It said the new chips are designed to “set the performance benchmark for Windows PCs.” Moreover, to serve as the “leadership in sustained performance and battery life.” Qualcomm specifically referred to these chips as being the “M-series competitive solution for the PC.”

According to Qualcomm, the new Nuvia-designed chips should ship in consumer products sometime in 2023. The company referred to Apple as the “closest competitor” with its charts. On its 5G modem technology, Qualcomm said that anyone planning to compete with its 5G roadmap “better keep up with that roadmap.” Meanwhile, Apple’s 5G modem for use in future iPhone models is underway.

In stocks, Qualcomm stock closed up 7.9% on Tuesday after it issued bullish forecasts at an investor’s conference in New York. Its growth doesn’t rely on a relationship with any single customer, such as its modem chip sales to Apple. Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said that a single market and end customer could no longer define this company.

Currently, it supplies wireless chips for Apple’s devices. However, it expects to provide just 20% of the modem chips needed for the 2023 iPhone. 

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