New Vocal Biomarker Technology for Mental Health Monitoring

Mental Health

Sonde Health has developed the technology to detect and monitor mental health through sound. The technology uses a short sound sample to measure mental well-being. Sonde Mental Fitness is available as an API for health systems, wellness service providers, and employers. This is an easy way for people to understand their psychological well-being better. The technology will help prevent early depression and other mental health conditions.

Sonde Mental Fitness uses a biomarker to measure key health indicators. Studies have shown that health conditions, including fatigue, drowsiness, anxiety, depression, stress, and some respiratory diseases, can affect vocal characteristics; Such as clarity, vitality, energy range. Technology researches a 30-second audio recording of a human’s voice. Encrypts changes in vocal traits that may indicate a person’s mental state.

According to the CEO of Sonde Health, 42% of adults in the US report experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression; However, less than 10% of people receive adequate treatment. The impact of the pandemic on mental health is also drastic. The company, with new technology, aims to reduce this data by raising awareness. With a better understanding of mental well-being, people can approach their issues correctly and seek treatment if necessary. Studies have shown that better knowledge of health leads to productive employees, a happier and healthier atmosphere.

Sonde Mental Fitness’s new technology works by processing audio signals. The technology perceives more than 1 million sound samples and is optimized according to languages, cultures, and dialects.



The tool asks users to record a 30-second sound sample by answering more than two dozen questions; For example, how did the day go? The technology then analyzes the vocal characteristics included in the model.

In addition, Sonde Mental Fitness provides helpful tips for users to enhance their mental well-being. Sound samples are recorded and stored as daily text journal entries; Therefore, it allows users not to lose their voice about their emotional state. The combination will enable ndividuals to keep track of dynamic progress, leading to improved self-awareness over time.

Using Sonde Mental Fitness belongs to the healthcare category, which means that employers can use this tool to improve employee support programs. In addition, mental health providers can use Sonde Mental Fitness therapy to support their workflow.

It should be noted that probe technology has already been proven effective in detecting respiratory disease symptoms, including COVID-19. Available through the Sonde Mental Fitness API platform. The main goal of technology is to improve the quality of mental health and raise awareness.

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