Meme Stocks Weathered a Wild Ride

Meme Stock

With meme stocks, it is always about going big or going home—there is nothing in between.

On mid-week, the Reddit forum and their new counterparts suffered from painful blows. This came after GME announced that it currently faces a probe under US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The investigation seeks to find answers on why its share made extreme pendulum movements since the start of the year.

AMC Entertainment leads losses after tumbling by more than 10% by the end of the session. This erases all the advances it managed to incur in the previous sessions after it announced share sales. Moreover, the bad luck looks like it does not have a plan to stop for the time being. As a result, AMC stock should open Thursday’s session with another 3.97% fall, reflecting a net change of $1.96 to $47.38 per share.

Other popular choices of the short squeeze trend failed to dodge the bullet. BlackBerry ended with a 4.05% dent while Nokia fell at a more conservative rate at 1.61%.

The new Wall Street regulator Gary Gensler asserted seriousness to address the meme bonanza earlier in the week. However, this reignited concern until the trend could take its course, which unprecedentedly exceeded expectations so far.

This notion pleasured some investors, likely affected short-sellers, on such a remark.

The new kid in town, Clover Health, got its first initiation as a Reddit favorite just a day after its unofficial inauguration as a member of the lot.

The medical insurance provider closed Wednesday with a 23.61% fall to $16.92 per share. It should open Thursday with another 3.07% dent to $16.40 per share.

GameStop Updates


Meanwhile, the good old meme favorite, GameStop, is the only stock left unscathed.

The Dallas, Texas-based entity has been running since 1984 and specializes in video game development and business electronics.

When its counterparts tumbled during the same session, the videogame retailer managed to close with a 0.85% increase.

This came after the company announced Amazon Australia’s chief appointment as its newly-appointed chief executive officer.

Shortly after its chairman of the board, Ryan Cohen, this update reminded investors to buckle up. Such warning signals a new era of business reconstruction for the struggling business.

The executive shakeup ignites hopes among investors on GME’s bigger and better business operations.

Experts in the field expect greater penetration on e-commerce, with Chewy’s co-founder in the driver’s seat.

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