Google Accessed Users’ Location Even when Sharing Is Turned Off

Users` Location

The search giant seems to have a voluntary privacy breach. The court documents further explained that it was common knowledge to Google’s top executives and engineers. Google collected users’ location data even after they had turned off location sharing on their devices.

Another complaint is that the company clearly made privacy settings challenging to find. Moreover, Google allegedly urged phone manufacturers to hide privacy settings because users regularly activated the settings.

The lawsuit was a part of the US state of Arizona against Google. It is asserting that the company secretly breached user privacy by illegally following Android users’ location without their permission.

Arizona State Attorney Files a Lawsuit


The Arizona State Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, filed the lawsuit in 2020 on account of the state.

It also claimed that Google kept the location tracking feature working in the background for some features on their Android devices even after users had disabled it.

Among the changes sought by Brnovich is for the court to order Google to pay back profits accruable to it from monetizing the collected privacy data through ads served on Arizona residents. If found liable, Arizona fraud laws that condition up to $10,000 in fines for each violation could also affect Google.

The Arizona lawsuit is yet to go in its legal tangles it proceeds to grapple with in recent years. Google, nevertheless, is accusing the Arizona Attorney General and its competitors of trying to mischaracterize its services.

Google’s spokesperson Jose Castaneda requests that the company had always built privacy features into its products and provided strong controls for location data. The company anticipates that the present case will help it to set the records right on the accusations leveled upon it.

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