Facebook Launches App that Mimics Your Handwriting

That Mimics Your Handwriting

TextStyleBrush applies AI to recreate your handwriting based on a photo of it, as indicated in its very name. And all it requires is a single word and a single shot of it.

TextStyleBrush reminded us of that app by Google Arts & Culture that gives style from a painting onto your photo. It pretty much arranges the same thing, and only it copies the handwriting style instead of the painting style. And it is pretty impressive that all it requires is a single word.

Here’s a Small Demo Facebook Shared and A Little Bit on How It Works


The technology after TextStyleBrush is exciting, but it still has some limitations. Facebook writes that the AI still has difficulty with text written in metallic objects or characters in different colors.

Although this is a research project, it could one day open new potential for creative self-expression like personalized messaging and captions, Facebook records.

Photo-realistic translation of several languages in augmented reality is different potential use. You could also use your handwriting in a font, which many people would personally love to do. It’s not just for entertainment, but it could come in helpful for signing digital documents.

On the other hand, this technology is something that can also be essentially abused. The first thing that could pop into somebody`s mind is a teenager copying his mom’s signature for a report card. Usually speaking, the thought of the danger of copying anyone’s signature is a significant menace with technology like this.

Nonetheless, TextStyleBrush seems encouraging and exciting, and many people would love to see it in use. With the hopes that it won’t come into the wrong hands.

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