Europeans Want to Replace Lawmakers with AI

Lawmakers With AI

Researchers at IE University’s Center for the Governance of Change questioned 2,769 people from 11 countries worldwide. They would consider decreasing the number of national parliamentarians in their country and giving those seats to an AI with access to their data.

The outcomes, issued Thursday, noted that 51% of Europeans stated they supported such a move despite AI’s evident and apparent limitations.

Oscar Jonsson, academic director at IE University’s Center for the Governance of Change and one of the report’s leading researchers, informed CNBC that there’d been a decades-long deterioration of confidence in democracy as a form of governance.

He stated that the reasons likely link to increased political polarization, filter bubbles, and information splintering. Everyone’s opinion is that that politics is getting more severe. Hence he thinks the report catches the general zeitgeist, Jonsson stated.

He replied that the results aren’t that shocking given how many people know their MP and how many people have a relationship with their MP.

In Spain, 66% of people surveyed approved it. Subsequently, 59% of the respondents in Italy were in support and 56% of people in Estonia.

Not All Countries Like the Thought of Handing Over Control to Machines


People can hack machines. Alternatively, machines can easily malfunction. Hence not all countries like the thought of handing over control to machines. In the U.K., 69% of people surveyed were opposite the idea, while 56% were abreast in the Netherlands and 54% in Germany.

Outside Europe, some 75% of people examined in China raised the idea of replacing parliamentarians with AI. In comparison, 60% of American respondents opposed it.

Views also vary dramatically by generation, with younger people being significantly more susceptible to the idea. Over 60% of Europeans aged 25-34 and 56% of those aged 34-44 supported the concept. In contrast, a majority of respondents over 55-years-old don’t view it as a good idea.

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