Cognigy Scales $44M To Track Its AI Platform

Cognigy Scales

Co-founder and CEO Philipp Heltewig states that the proceeds will go toward stimulating customer growth, building new partnerships, and stretching to enhance Cognigy’s AI platform.

The pervasiveness of smartphones and messaging apps and the epidemic have contributed to the increased adoption of conversational technologies.

Fifty-six percent of companies reported Accenture in a poll that conversational bots and other experiences drive interruption in their industry. And a Twilio study exposed that 9 out of 10 users would choose to use messaging to reach a business.

Established in 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Cognigy presents a low-code platform. It allows customers to create text and voice, virtual agents.

From a graphical conversation editor, users can control the conversational flow of chatbots. Moreover, they can develop experiences over a range of channels, including the web, WhatsApp, Amazon Alexa, and more.

Heltewig and past communications engineer Sascha Poggemann identified a strong need for enterprises to adopt mature language technologies five years ago.


With their embodied knowledge in enterprise software and communication, they created Cognigy to what it’s remembered for today. An AI-first, self-service automation solution for big enterprises, particularly in customer service, a spokesperson reported VentureBeat via email.

Hence, with Cognigy, customers can hold conversation context across channels and allow handovers between different interaction points. Furthermore, a module lets customers tune bots by studying the natural language understanding (NLU) results and providing feedback, with an intent review system that assists NLU training.

Cognigy offers integrations with natural language understanding engines for appended flexibility, including Google Dialogflow, Microsoft LUIS, and IBM Watson. And the platform operates with enduring live chat tools like RingCentral Engage Digital, Avaya Oceana, and Genesys Pure Cloud.

Users can touch Cognigy to perform automated regression testing. It will guarantee that they will meet the business objectives after flow changes. The platform also holds extensions, which angle directly into a flow editor and can be written and extended by anyone, the company stated.

Cognigy’s Snapshot skill, meantime, systematizes the packaging and migration of virtual agents and NLU models.

Furthermore, Snapshots can come in combination with a command-line interface to automate processes like roll-out, external backup, or bot configuration.

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